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Biodegradable Testing Services

Biodegradable plastics refer to plastics that can be decomposed bybacteria, mould, algae and other microbes in soil, sewage and sea water, whichcan effectively solve the problem of white pollution. Basic applications ofbiodegradable plastics include shopping bags, agricultural film, bulk packaging,bottles and so on. From the global market, due to implementation of strictcontrol measures, increased R&D investment and consumers’ improvedenvironmental awareness, biodegradable plastics are increasingly popular in themain terminal industries, such as packaging, disposable plastic products andthe textile industry. The use of biodegradable plastics is not only theinevitable trend of development but also real market demand.

IMPAQcan provide enterprises with authoritativebiodegradable testing services and help buyers screen out products subject tostrict quality, safety and environmental protection control from many suppliersand manufacturers. At the same time, biodegradable signs indicate that therelated products have passed testing and evaluation by third-partyorganizations and can help enhance customer confidence to buy and effectivelypromote product sales.

IMPAQ  Biodegration Laboratory is established in accordance with requirements of ISO 17025 and ithas passed the following certifications:

DIN CERTCO is an affiliated certification body of Deutsches Institut frNormun (hereinafter referred to as DIN). Compostable product certification(seeding logo) of DIN CERTCO refers to product tests performed based on EN13432and ASTM D6400. The certification is a certification system jointly developedby DIN CERTCO and International Biodegradable Plastics Association EuropeanBranch.

BPI is short for Biodegradable Products Institute. BPI educatesmanufacturers, lawmakers and consumers about the scientific standards fordegradable materials through the implementation of innovative compostable markprogram, and meanwhile ensures that relevant products meet the requirements ofdegradable material standards through a series of programs. Compostable is acompostable certification mark issued by BPI after conducting product-basedlong-term testing in accordance with ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868 or EN 13432. Themark on any plastic product indicates that the product has met productionstandards relating to compostable workplace atmosphere or process.

IMPAQ Biodegration Laboratory can perform testsbased on the following standards:

²EN13432 Packaging. Requirements for Packaging Recoverable Through Composting andBiodegradation. Test Scheme and Evaluation Criteria for the Final Acceptance of Packaging

²ASTMD 6400  Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics

²ASTMD 6868  Standard Specification for Biodegradable Plastics Used as Coatings onPaper and Other Compostable Substrates

Biodegradable test mainly contains testingrequirements of the following four aspects:

1.Biodegradation test

The purpose of biodegradation test is to check if a plastic product canbe decomposed into carbon dioxide or other inorganic substances with microbialaction under natural conditions. In the test, test sample and biomass are mixedand tested under certain temperature and humidity conditions. It is requiredthat the decomposition of test sample within 180 days is more than 90% or notlower than the degradation rate of materials in the reference group. The periodof 180 days is the longest test period and test may be ended prematurely if thedecomposition target is achieved prior to the date.

2.  Biological disintegration test

The purpose of biological disintegration test is to check if a plasticproduct is disintegrated into small size particles from bulk material under naturalconditions. In the test, mix and compost test sample and fresh biologicalwaste; and after 12 weeks (i.e. 84 days) under specified temperature andhumidity conditions, sieve the test materials with 2mm screen. It is requiredthat the amount of residual large particles unsifted shall not be more than 10%of the original sample.

3. Plant growth test

The purpose of plant growth test is to check if the degradation productsof plastic products will produce adverse effect on plant growth. In the test,natural soil and plastic degradation products are taken as control groups forcomparing their effect on high plant seeding emergence and early growth. Thetest will last for 1 month (30 days) and it is required that there is novisible difference between the plastic degradation product group and thecontrol group.

4. Heavy metal content in degradation product

The purpose of test of heavy metal content in degradation product is tocheck if there is high concentration heavy metal ion in degradation product ofplastic products. The threshold requirements are fixed by referring to metalion requirements in soil conditioner of respective country but more stringent.

Once upon your products have passed biodegradable test of IMPAQ, you may directly apply for seeding logo of DIN CERTCO orcompostable certification mark of BPI. In addition, consulting, testing, certificationapplication support and other customized services provided by experts of IMPAQTesting International can furthest shorten the certification cycle. To preventabuse or counterfeit of certification mark, the relevant information ofcertification mark holder can be queried on official website of DIN CERTCO orBPI.