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Dr. Plastic – Solving product failure effectively

Have you ever been troubled by high rejectratio of plastic products?

Have you ever been questioned because your plastic products failedto pass conformity testing?

Have you ever experienced the situation in which internalpersonnel mutually shirked responsibility when encountering product problems?

Plastic productsare widely used in production of electronic products, toys and shoe materials.The production line will face the risk of downtime if any defective productappears. Enterprises may also face risks of extended delivery time, increasedcosts or even loss of orders and suffer from damage to corporate reputation andimage if qualified plastic components are used while finished productsassembled have problems of rupture, cracking, yellowing, fading, deformationand so on.

When you facethese problems and fail to make improvement in joint efforts of mold,injection, material and design staff, Dr. Plastic can help to start from thesite, provide process design for analysis and testing experiments, performcomplete and detailed testing and analysis, provide advices and solutions fromexperts of all related fields as well as advanced counseling services on rawmaterial formulation, manufacturing process and quality control and therebysolve the fundamental problems of product quality and assist enterprises in managementand control of quality risks.

Dr. Plastic product failure problemanalysis process

Dr. Plastic can provide the followingsolutions:

Component analysis: to analyze the composition of all kinds of plastic samples,accurate to names of resin, add fertilizer, filler material and theirrespective percentage;

Raw materials analysis: to analyze the compositions of raw materialsof sample products, find the alternatives and shake off control of key rawmaterial suppliers;

Formula improvement: Help customers improve existing plasticproduct formulations, improve product performance and lower raw material selectioncosts;

Cost control: compare with peer products, optimize formula materials andadjust raw materials to reduce costs on the premise of resulting in no effecton product performance;

QC counseling: to help customers build quality control organization structure,develop quality control program , provide training courses and reduce qualityrisks;

Process improvement: to help customers establish production line,improve extrusion/injection/film blowing and other molding processes, improveproduction efficiency and reduce defective rate;

Chemical testing: to provide element content measurement and physical and chemicalperformance measurement of chemicals, analysis and identification of plastictrademarks, product testing and certification, RoHS, REACH and other standard testingservices.

Dr. Plasticservice is widely used in the following areas:

General plastics: PVC, PP, PE, ABS and PS;

Engineering plastics: PA, PC, POM, PBT, PPO, nylon;

Other plastics: thermosetting plastics, special plastics;

Plastic additives: PVC stabilizer, plasticizer, flame retardant and foaming agent;

Plastic products: plastic pipe, plastic film, auto plastics, medical plastics,wire and cable plastics, brake pad, glass fiber reinforced plastics, buildingmaterials, plastics for electric and electronic products, toys, TPU material,etc

Synthetic leather: PU synthetic leather, PVC synthetic leather, artificial leather,microfiber leather, etc.

IMPAQ believes that the ultimate aim of testingis not to issue reports but provide basis for finding solutions. Plastic expertteam of IMPAQ has rich testing and analysis experience, in particular in fieldsof electronic products, plastic toys, macromolecule shoe materials, and is goodat making use of experimental data to find the causes of non-performing products, solving existing product quality problems with a long view and assistingenterprises to perform quality risk management and control.