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Soil ,Sludge, Solid Wastes And HazardousWaste

Soil is an important part of the environment. Compared with other pollution,  soil pollution is

"invisible". Inrecent years, much more attention focusing on site polluted repairing andtesting

is paid at home and abroad, especially with the more and more soilpollution accidents arising

and China’s environmental protection policies implement,  such as "soil pollution prevention

action plan" (referred to as "soil ten articles").

After being susceptibleto the water shower and soaking, the harmful ingredients of the solid

wastes will be transferred to the water phase, causing secondary pollution to the soiland groun


Hazardous waste shows a great threat tohuman body, which might cause the increase of serious

illness and death. Theimproper disposal of the hazardous waste will contribute to great harm to

the environment and human health.  

  Sample category

  ■ Soil       Solid waste
  ■ Sludge   Sediment
  ■ Site-polluted survey Hazardous waste

Air And Exhaust

Air is a precious resources which isrelevant to everyone. With the rapid development of industry ,

the burning of alarge number of fossil fuels and the increasing number of the vehicles, air pollution

is adversely affect the quality of people's live and health and becoming an obstacle to the sustain

ability of the economy and social development of China.

  Sample category

  ■ Ambient air                             ■ Pollution source exhaust
  ■ Industrial waste gas                           ■ Cooking fume
  ■ Indoor air                           ■ Gasoline of thefilling station and oil depot
  ■ Workplaceair                         ■ Smoke and dustemission from boilers
  ■ Publicplace air  

                        ■ Vehicle emission

Noise testing

Noise is a kind of chaotic sound waves,which can make a person agitated. Noise pollution mainly

comes from transportation, horns, industry, building construction, and social activity,such as

concert hall, loud speakers, morning market and people speak loudly andso on. With the develop

ment of modern industry and improvement of the quality of the life, noise pollution has become

a big threat to human health.

  Sample category

  ■ Enterprisenoise at boundary      ■ Public placenoise
  ■ Communitynoise        ■ Noise atboundary of construction site
  ■ Traffic noise      ■ Environmentalnoise of urban area
  ■ Workplacenoise  

Water testing

Water is the source of life, which plays adecisive role in the social and economic development.

Nowadays, because of the improper use and ecological environment destruction, water quality is

deteriorating and the pollution is growing worse.  The water pollution source is mainly come from

sanity sewage and industrial waste water.

  Sample category

  ■ Industrialwaste water              ■ Drinkingnatural mineral water
  ■ Sanitysewage              ■ Farmland irrigation water
  ■ Groundwater                ■ Laboratory water
  ■ Surfacewater            ■ Lake water , seawater
  ■ Drinkingwater                    ■ Swimming pool water
  ■ Fisherywater              ■ Landscape water
  ■ Purifiedwater