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Occupational health survey , evaluation and testing service

The workplace occupational health andsafety work is an important aspect for the enterprise,

which reflects anenterprise’s responsibilities for the citizen and society and affects the image

of the enterprise and the success of the enterprise in the market competition.No company de

voting itself to becoming an outstanding enterprise will ignorethe working on occupational

health and safety at workplace.

Relevant laws and regulations

The law of the People's Republic of Chinaon the prevention and control of occupational diseases

The catalogs of occupational disease inductive agents

Occupational Exposure limits for hazardous agents in the workplace, GBZ2-2007


■ Occupational hazardous agents testing in workplace

■ Pre-evaluation of the occupational hazardous agents for the construction projects

■ Evaluation of the Control effectiveness of the  Occupational hazardous agents for the Con

struction projects

■ Status evaluation of the Occupational hazardous agents for the employers